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After the fall of Galbatorix Eragon and Saphira decided to settle down at the edge of the Haderac desert where they chose a spot reasonably close to the Anora river just before the border to the Beor mountains, where they constructed a house out of glass using magic and fire from Saphiras’ belly, Eragon then uttered several words in the ancient language and several large bowls formed out of sand which Saphira burned into glass.

Two weeks have passed since that time and Saphira was going through a massive depression due to the deaths of the only other dragons in existence, the red dragon Thorn ‘Murtaghs’ partner’, the ancient Gold dragon Glaedr ‘ one of she and Eragons two mentors’, and even Galbatorixs’ very own black dragon Shruikan. She had eaten very little, and seemed to stare into space ignoring everything around her, lizards would pass right on by and she wouldn’t so much as look at them.


Yes Eragon?

“Are you ok, you seem sort of…I don’t know, worried.”

Saphira drooped her head and twitched her tail; I don’t want to talk about it ok

“You’re still worried about finding a mate aren’t you?”

The blue dragoness whimpered and tossed her head to the side, I said I don’t want to talk about it

“Well I think we need to pay queen Islanzandi a visit, what say you.”

Forget about it…

“Why not?”

Because I don’t feel like it, groaned Saphira.

“But now-days you never feel like it, come on we might find something.”

Oh fine, the dragons are doomed to extinction and I don’t think it could possibly get any worse.

Eragon went in the glass house (a dome made of glass buried under the sand) and came out with Saphiras’ saddle, Eragon then uttered a few words in the ancient language and the saddle flew up and strapped itself around Saphiras’ back.

Saphira then crouched in order to let Eragon to clime up her foreleg and on to the saddle, well then were off, Thought Eragon, however Saphira went over to one of the glass bowls first to get a drink of water, then quickly rushed into the air.

“Woe, Saphira the Beors are that way, you know the gigantic rocks that rise from the earth…”

Saphira hadn’t changed direction.



“You’re going the wrong way…”

Oops, sorry I’m not feeling too good right now
Saphira soared through the Beor Mountains on warm-air-currants on the way to Ellesmira, the saddle on her back made her scales itch as Eragon shifted his position.

Could you please stop that I’m irritated enough as it is…

All of a sudden Saphira jerked to the right and rushed through a nearby valley where she had to dodge and weave through many trees.

“What is it Saphira, did you see something.”

Yes and if what I saw is not an allusion, then…

Saphira suddenly came to a large field covered in large black tulips; upon further inspection Eragon could see the tulips had red eye patterns on their individual petals.

“Saphira…I have a bad feeling about this,” exclaimed Eragon mentally, “it feels as if we’re being watched.”

…Then the dragons aren’t doomed after all…

“What do yo…”

Look, Eragon don’t you see it?

“What is it, what do you see?”

Its right in front of us and you can’t see it? Replied Saphira in an I-don’t-believe-you tone.

“I don’t know…what…is that?”

It’s another Dragon, a male, and a he’s really big…

Eragon took a closer look and sure enough he made out the shape of a huge gray dragon. It was very long and was coiled around itself, it had two huge orange horns and a black mask over its muzzle, its underbelly was a deep purple and its wings were folded againsed its sides. There was a snot bubble coming out of its right nostril.

‘He’s sleeping…’ thought Saphira with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Saphira what are you doing?”

Just watch…

Saphira snuck up on her unsuspecting target, and when their faces were just a few inches apart she flicked her tongue in the other dragons’ ear.

She didn’t get the response she wanted…

The huge dragons’ eyes shot open as its maw opened wide and engulfed Saphiras’ head

Ah! Saphira screamed, Release me at once!

The dragon spoke softly with a deep male voice as smooth as silk.
And why should I do that, oh rude one? You woke me whilst I was having a very pleasant dream involving a very large bird.

Because I said so! Saphira roared into the other dragons mind.

A poor excuse…you shouldn’t be messing with people you don’t know.

If I didn’t then how would I ever get to know other people?

Hmm… I’ve been pondering that for years and I still haven’t come up with anything yet you came up with an answer in seconds.

The great grey dragon then spat out Saphiras head and arched his neck, Saphira could then see the dragons eyes which were all black accept for a crimson iris, giving the dragon an astounding piercing gaze.

…I’m sorry, I don’t usually get visitors you see, and also I’m not very good at socializing.

Yet you can admit your own flaws.

It is not that I can admit my own flaws it is simply that I can accept that I am not perfect, and most likely never will be.

Well I’m perfect, bow to me.

He he, very well, the dragon then took a step back and bowed to Saphira, my liege.

Saphira threw her head up and laughed madly, smoke billowing out of her maw with each laugh.

Aaaaahahahahahaaa, I am Saphira Bjarskullar, queen of all that I see.

Well met, replied the grey dragon, I am Drega no Okaryuu king of all that is nothing, pleased to meet you.

Ha, king of all that is nothing eh? What’s that supposed to…

All of a sudden Drega was inches from her face, it means that I can do this, Drega cooed, the grey dragon then took Saphiras head back into his maw but this time continued past her horns swallowing up her neck and forelegs, and even Eragon and the saddle all nearly in an instant.

“What in blue blazes?” Stated Eragon

Good Idea Eragon.

Saphira shot a colossal jet of flame down Dregas throat causing Drega to spit out the blue dragoness.

“Gak! Hack! Galagaloo!” exclaimed Drega in a series of strange growls

Saphira sputtered as Drega spat her out, a shiver ran down her spine and she was panting heavily, pfft what was that all about? I shall burn your eyes to…

Well look at you, I didn’t expect a blue dragon to be so spicy, Drega proclaimed loudly, his tail was flipping too and fro like mad.

Well then you’re not very good at judging dragons then are you, said Saphira with a huff.

Sorry but I refuse to judge people, only deer and dumb animals, replied Drega sitting on his haunches.

Saphira was taken back by this statement, ‘who is this dragon? He tries to eat me, then says he refuses to judge people.’

Humph, tell me, oh youthful blue, why do you carry around that monkey on your back?

“Excuse me!” Eragon shouted, “though, I haven’t participated in your conversation I can still here you!”

One such as you, a great dragon even gifted with the soul of fire, should have eaten such a creature the second it came into your sights, said Drega ignoring Eragon, or do you carry it around so you can devour it later as you are currently full?

I would never harm Eragon, roared Saphira, to think a dragon would harm her rider is positively despicable!

A dragon…RIDER! Said Drega roaring in anger.

To think that in this land, monkeys can take ownership of a dragon, that a dragon would lower himself to the level of a house pet. Bah! Dregas red eyes shone in anger behind his mask, what a pitiful excuse for a dragon.

“That’s far enough!” Shouted Eragon, “I will not allow you to…”

At this Drega turned his massive head to look straight into Eragons eyes, “you cannot command me in any way monkey, you will find yourself in my belly should you ever again speak to me with such insolence,” Dregas’ consciousness then gave off a wave of emotion so threatening that all sound of life within the meadow went silent.

You shall have to go through me first! Roared Saphira, her body poised to pounce.

I see, so then you choose to carry the monkey on your own free will, and he does not command you…Drega closed his eyes in deep thought.

After several minutes had passed, Drega reopened his red eyes, it seems as if I have judged you, you must see me as a hypocrite.

Of course.

Hmm, I am sorry Saphira queen-of-all-she-sees and monkey Eragon, for I have committed an error and insulted you.

Saphira snorted and gave a light chuckle at the nickname Drega gave Eragon, but also noticed that he had called Eragon by name.

What kind of dragon are you? Where did you come from? I’ve never seen a dragon of so many different colors.

Ah, so you noticed, well that’s very observant of you young blue, as I am a Senkie dragon, I hail from the city of Azura in the land of color, announced Drega, and where, may I ask, is it that you were hatched Saphira Bjarskullar?

Eragon and I come from the town of Carvahal in this land of Alagaisia, replied Saphira, and could you please tell me, what is a Senkie Dragon?

Drega chuckled and said, I’ve answered that question many times young Saphira, not many seem to know of the Senkie dragons existence yet, I shall be happy to explain.

Saphira dropped on her belly and Drega fallowed suit, while Eragon pulled his legs from the stirrups of Saphiras saddle and sat cross legged on her back listening intently while remaining on Saphiras back so as not to not leave Saphiras area of protection.

A Senkie dragon, Drega began, is an evolution of your species Saphira, the advancement of the dragons.

What is the difference between dragons and Senkie dragons? Questioned Saphira.

Well Senkie dragons don’t just breathe fire, we have a specific element that can be identified through the color of our scales…mine being the element of nothing also called ‘Void’. Other than that Senkie dragons do not all share the same body shape, we come in many different shapes and sizes, and we can also change our shape and skin texture to a degree.

Really…I’d like to see that some time.

Well you could do more than just see it, you could experience it yourself, exclaimed Drega.

What do you mean? I can’t shape-shift.

Do you recall when I tried to swallow you just a while ago?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget…

Well a Senkie dragon has a very special belly, you see, then Drega stood up on his haunches and placed his paws on his purple tummy, we can swallow up almost any sentient creature and over the length of about one week, transform their body into that of a Senkie dragon.

That’s incredible! Exclaimed Saphira, but how do I know your telling the truth?

Drega then said in the ancient language (Senkie Dragons can swallow up any sentient being into their belly, and in the length of one week transform their body into a Senkie dragon.)

You know the ancient language?

Yes I picked the words from the mind of you’re monkey friend Eragon.


Oh pipe down you monkey, said Saphira with a giggle.

“Saphira!” Shouted Eragon in a way that resembled a child yelling at their parents because they embarrassed him.

Both dragons chuckled at Eragons little fit, hahaha I’m starting to like this monkey Eragon, said Drega while dropping back on his belly.

Well besides those aspects, a Senkie dragons’ skin though it can be burnt, cannot be pierced, I think it has something to do with our molecular structure but I’m not quite sure.

That’s quite interesting, Saphira commented.

Anyways Saphira, may I ask you a personal question.

You may, replied Saphira.

Do you have feelings for your monkey friend?

This caught Saphira off guard, why do you want to know?

Well if you love him then I could arrange it so the two of you could truly be together, they didn’t call me the dragons match maker for nothing back in Azura.

Well I um…Saphira stuttered before looking at Eragon in a way that said ‘do you love me?’, Eragon looked at Saphira the same way.

Then Eragon said the word that made Saphiras heart skip-a-beat.


Eragon you?! Exclaimed Saphira in a way that was both questioning and passionate.

“Saphira, I’ve loved you since the day you hatched in Carvahal, but back then it was like family love, but during the battle of Farthen Dur something found its way into my heart as I saw you crashing through Isidar Mythrim just before I plunged Zar’roc into Durzas’ cold heart,” then Eragon paused to gaze into Saphiras endless optic orbs and said, “and ever since then I’ve looked at you in a different way, and so now I can truthfully say…Saphira I love you…I love you with all of my heart, and mind, and soul!” he stated with such burning passion that it rivaled Saphiras’ battle lust. And then Eragon felt pure joy emanating from Saphiras mind through their mental link.

Oh Eragon I love you too, from the bottom of my heart of heart’s, and with every scale on my body I too love you Eragon, Saphira announced while breaking out in tears, she then gave a loud roar of overwhelming joy, and nuzzled Eragon with such passion that he nearly fell off her back, then Eragon wrapped his arms around Saphiras muzzle and also broke out in tears.

Drega allowed the two to continue there emotional embrace which lasted for about six minuets when they finally broke apart.

So then I take it your answer is yes? Saphira nodded.

Good then this will be quite tasty, said Drega with a hungry look in his eyes, I don’t want to wait so I’ll make the explanation short.

In order for this to work Saphira you must go through the transformation first which will take about a week, then I’ll spit you out, I suggest you decide what you want your new body to look like now so that when you come out you don’t look the same as you do now as you will be unconscious in my belly and wont be able to decide yourself, however you could always reshape yourself once the process is complete with your own abilities.

Saphira bobbed her head in understanding and sent a mental image of what she wanted to look like to Drega.

All of a sudden Dregas Eyes became unfocused and wandered skyward, while a droplet of drool slid out of his maw, sweet heaven that’s too hot.

Excuse me? Said Saphira with a giggle.

‘I am sooo gonna enjoy this!’ Thought Drega to himself.

Well anyhoo before you enter me, you’ll need to eat enough to feed your body for a week, Id say about 500 cubic feet of meat should suffice, the more you eat the better, in which case I’ll hunt for you when you can no longer take to the air, then whence you cannot eat any more, I’ll send you into my belly and the transformation shall start, then after it has ended I shall regurgitate your new form and when you wake you shall devour your monkey friend

“What!” Said Eragon while looking at Saphira as she licked her chops.

I’ve always wondered what you taste like little one, she purred, the only problem is that any other way you’d die from the damage my teeth would cause your skin.

It will work best this way so that I can feed you whilst you are ground ridden as it will take enough meat to compose about 3 dragons of your monkey friends new size to get the calories that you’ll need for him to grow enough, seeing as he’s a monkey and all.

Ok, then lets get started, said Saphira, ‘oh I’m finally getting pampered,’ she thought to herself with relief.

Well then, first Eragon, would you be so kind as to remove her saddle?

Eragon silently dropped off of Saphira and uttered several words in the ancient language, and the saddles straps unlocked, as Eragon went to collect the saddle Drega told him to keep it handy as they will need to change location before the second phase in which Eragon would have to ride Saphira to a new hunting ground, when the saddle was off, Drega proclaimed that he and Saphira were to go hunting and when there was enough game to fill Saphiras’ belly for the entire week they would stop hunting and Drega would begin the process of Saphiras’ transformation.

Then the two dragon’s unfurled their wings and shot skyward, and Eragon sat the heavy saddle againsed a tree, and went to forage for fruits and vegetables.
An Inheritance Cycle fan-fiction

Eragon x Saphira in latter chapters.

Disclaimer: The Inheritance cycle is owned by none other than Christopher Paolinie, (did I spell his name right?).

There aren't enough vore fics out there so heres one O.=.^

please comment.
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Actually Im afraid to finish the final book because im trying to finish this story you jerk, thanks for spoiling it...>.-.<
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its a very interesting concept, and i have read the entire inheritance trilogy so i am very thrilled that you are writing a vore version, but i think you should add Arya and have some unbirthing to. like maybe through some series of events they obtain the third and final dragon egg, but they are about to be caught, so Arya does the only thing she can and unbirths the egg, but it turns out that she is the chosen one for that dragon so it hatches inside of her and continues to grow, but she cant attempt to release the dragon until they're out of the castle, so by the time they are out of the castle she has a horse-sized dragon in her womb that's still growing, with no conceivable way to get it out.
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I Cant Fuckn wait for the Book 4

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love the story!! very well written!
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Saphira is a Dragoness so shes going to be on my list, I need suggestions for Eragons dragon form...ya got any?
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Drega-no-okaryuu Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my style is an aztec mixed in with a gothic macabre style, based off of my nightmares and philosophies, for a good example check out Loreits' tail.
Link-of-Altomare Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009
ah just suggesting silver would be nice since gold is done in eragon
Drega-no-okaryuu Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yes but black is used too much, though Im compleetely obsessed with the color, the last part of the legacy of Drega's first saga (chapter six) is Dregas homeworld, and Ive got a mind bending surprise in the first page of the chapter.
Link-of-Altomare Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009
ah i see
Drega-no-okaryuu Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Trust me Its a doozy <^\.=./^>
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Nice work. And XD Monkey! XD
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yep Drega had some real issues with humans until he met Eragon.
DeVoutNumelran Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Drega-no-okaryuu Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hehe, that would be pretty intertaining to watch, but the kind of problems Drega has with people are family matters and real personal issues, I cant quite remember what Islinde's angst. with people no I remember the classic dragon in a town situation in whitch the crazy villagers chase the dragon...would you mind if I drew that when Im finished with most of G-slayers Loreit pics? I could make it real funny.
DeVoutNumelran Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Coolio, a vorish drawing of isalinde, XD

His appearence and shadrel's is on my profile.
Drega-no-okaryuu Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I specialize in comic booking so yeah, Ill record your request.
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